“Moving and tender. . . Muñoz writes elegantly and sympathetically. . .a softly glowing, melancholy beauty that. . .makes [his stories] universal.”

—New York Times Book Review

“Ten superbly grounded stories. . . Fine storytelling that achieves universality while remaining rooted in a particular time and place.”

—Kirkus Reviews (starred)

“Masterfully restrained. . .[his] large-hearted tenderness lends the stories their suggestive delicacy and power. . .the only magic found in this brilliant new book is Muñoz’s ability to turn the everyday dramas of ordinary people into high art.”

—Virginia Quarterly Review

“Each [story] lingers, staying with you like memories stirred from the scent in a lost loved one’s shirt. . . In a word, it’s exquisite.”

—Austin Chronicle

“Almost a novel in stories. . . all of Muñoz’s stories evoke melancholy with a slow burn.”

—Time Out Chicago

“With the publication of his second collection, Manuel Muñoz establishes himself as one of the best short-story writers. . . These stories are provocative, soulful, and revelatory.”

—El Paso Times

“Often, the saddest songs are the most beautiful. The same is true in fiction. . . Any way you approach it, The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue is an important literary work by a wildly talented young writer.”

—Fresno magazine

“Muñoz confounds many readers’ expectations of what such fiction ‘should’ be. Yes, there are language barriers and hardworking strivers, but alert to the nuances of his characters’ varied places in the world, he also writes stories…that are just about people being people. An obvious choice, and yet, unfortunately for our times, still unexpected.”


“Muñoz writes with restraint and without pretension, giving fearless voice to personal tragedies.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Muñoz is the real thing—with prose both beautiful and quietly sad, he draws a compelling picture of the complexities of home.”


“An amazing collection of short stories by an author who has much to offer. . . the prose itself is dazzling.”

—Nat Creole magazine (online)

“Everything that happens in each story—delicately carved out by the author—is a small piece forming a larger picture, bit by bit, until finally the reader can see the vast landscape of a dramatic microuniverse which, in the end, isn’t as unfamiliar as we might think.”

—La Opinion